This module is a full-featured developer tool, which helps you to always stay up to date with your website's status by sending you the watchdog entries by email in a digested format.


You can create multiple presets to send to different and/or multiple email addresses and at different time intervals, based on your specific needs.
Each preset allows you to filter and group watchdog entries to be sent by all the possible attributes stored by the dblog module.

How to use

  1. download the module and place it under 'sites/all/modules/contrib' folder

    • with Drush use: drush dl watchdog_reporter
  2. enable the module from the modules page: 'admin/build/modules'
    • with Drush use: drush en watchdog_reporter -y
  3. add and configure presets at 'admin/config/development/watchdog_reporter'


There are no special requirements, just the following basic stuff:

  • dblog module enabled (it's part of Drupal core)
  • email sending capability of your webserver

Related modules

We also recommend the following modules to better work with the Drupal watchdog:

  • Better Watchdog UI
    Upgrade watchdog entries to entities and replace default database log listing with a view, which grants advanced filtering options and filtered deletion as a bulk operation.
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