Maybe you had the situation that you are creating search page using views.If you set up filters to be exposed, you already did it.

There is only on problem. Views gives you results even before the user entered any input.

Question: How do I have a views with exposed filters, but by default with empty, run only after the user filled the filter form, or selected something from the filter dropdown?

Maybe you think that this will be a complicated task, but its simpler as with thought, even without coding a single line of code.

When editing the view do the followings:
Step 1: Go to the Advanced section of the views

Step 2: Click on the Exposed form style

Step 3: Select Input required from the popup window

Step 4. Save the View and you are done.

exposed filter
input required
Go to the <strong>Advanced</strong> section of the views
Click on the <strong>Exposed form style</strong>
Select <strong>Input required </strong> from the popup window