About Our Client
#1 provider of logo design services.

A multilingual online user interface for logo creation; the main widget is implemented using the latest HTML5 technology to satisfy both desktop and tablet users.
The system also provides complex/fully customizable email campaigns and dynamic logo proposal for it's customers.
The backend is packed with custom sales reports and analytics for the administrators.

+ over 200 products generated / minute

+ over 8mil registered users
+ over 3mil monthly active users

Over 27 servers from which :
+ 8 API image processing servers
+ 6 node(server) RIAK Indexing servers.
+ 4 database servers (1 master, 3 slaves)
+ 4 front-end servers
+ 5 mail servers, from which 2 are dedicated for email system

Email system
+ sending over 200k emails / day

+ ~500GB user files
+ ~700GB Riak cluster size
+ ~40GB Database size

+ over 700 requests/second on frontend
+ over 1500 queries/second from which 75% are cached and only 25% will hit the database