This was the biggest project ever completed by our Drupal team.
The project was imagined by Cylex International and founded by the EU.
It lasted almost a year and summed up a total of more than 30.000 work hours, ~80% of
which was on Drupal 7.

Due to the nature of the platform, performance and multilingualism where two key
aspects. In order to deal with the requirements, we integrated technologies such as
MongoDB, Neo4j, Solr, Beanstalkd, NodeJS, DrupalGap, SSO, FFmpeg. ImageMagick
into Drupal. And alongside various contributed modules we also implemented several
custom modules dedicated to the business logic of each site. We made use of Drupal’s
multisite features and also Drupal Commerce.

István Reszler-Fekete
Bálint Csaba
Lehel Craciun
Aniela Raileanu
Csongor-Zsolt Laszlo