This small module extends original Drupal account settings page with the ability to globally turn ON/OFF all standard mails.
By default Drupal provides no option to globally disable the following mails:

  • Welcome (new user created by administrator)
  • Welcome (awaiting approval)
  • Welcome (no approval required)
  • Password recovery

Use cases

This module may come in handy when:

  • you don't want to send those emails for some reason
  • or you are sending them through some other means
  • or to get rid of the PHP Mail error message when you’re working on localhost
  • or other development purposes

How to use

  1. download the module and place it under 'sites/all/modules/contrib' folder

    • with Drush use: drush dl mailcontrol
  2. enable the module from the modules page: 'admin/build/modules'
  3. configure the setting at the bottom of the page under


Drupal 6 and 7

This module provide only interface modifications.
The underlying functionality is already there by default in Drupal.

Drupal 8

There are discussions to have the ability to turn on welcome emails in D8 core.
See this issue for more details: [#901518]
If so, this module could continue in D8 to provide the ability to turn off
Account cancellation confirmation and Password recovery emails, I suppose, mainly for development purposes, if needed.

István Reszler-Fekete