Drupal Topday 3 - Meetup Transylvania

This is the 3rd Drupal Meetup event. The goal of this event was to provide basic Drupal training and to organize the first code sprint not like the previous events where the focus was on contrib modules.
The first day were presentations about the basics of drupal followed by case studies. The second day there was a workshop for beginners and code sprint for advanced developers.
Thank you Reea and Drupal Association for your support!

DrupalCamp Tirgu Mures

This year we took the initiative to organize the Drupalcamp here in our hometown Targu Mures. We talked with the Romanian Drupal Association and they aggread with us.
This will be the 4 event of this kind here in Romania.
We want it to make it the best event we can, awaiting 100-200 atendees from all around the country and beyond.
You can find more information on the official site:


Below you can find some pictures we've taken.

Drupal Meetup

Flexibil, adaptabil și ușor de exploatat și adminstrat, DRUPAL câștigă din ce în ce mai mult teren pe piața sistemelor modulare open-source de gestionare a conținutului. În ultimii ani, comunitatea online a devenit extrem de activă, numărul membrilor crescând semnificativ și datorită facilităților pe care exploatarea DRUPAL le oferă. Deși este scris în limbajul PHP, instalarea, dezvoltarea și întreținerea unui website DRUPAL nu necesită de obicei cunoștințe de programare PHP. Altfel spus, nu trebuie să fii neapărat expert pentru a-ți construi și apoi administra singur pagina de net.

Drupal Contrib

We are happy to announce the second Drupal Meetup, the first TopDay event in 2013!

Our sole purpose is to build a powerful local community around Drupal.
As a continuation of our first session, we are going to show you how awesome Drupal is, considering that it is open source and free at the same time.

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