This module is a full-featured developer tool, which helps you to always stay up to date with your website's status by sending you the watchdog entries by email in a digested format.

This module can help you shed some light into the black box of Feeds and Feeds Tamper.
It takes advantage of Feeds Tamper's extensible plugin architecture and allows you to debug the data being processed in three different ways at any step of the tampering flow.

This module extends ECK module providing extra properties and behaviors.

This module provides a simple UI allowing to limit the available countries for shipping.
An admin can configure what is the commerce customer profile type for shipping, and what is the addressfield that should have the countries limited.

The module enables a simplified version of Commerce Payment Methods. It provides a "configure" link that takes the user to the Rule Action Enable payment method configure form. It also disables a lot of links and information that might be confusing for some users.

The fine granularity of control over cache tables and function makes this module the ultimate tool to clear the Drupal caches.

Provides entity wrapper for watchdog entries. Integrates with Views and Views Bulk Operations for better accessibility and administration.

This module allows you to limit the taxonomy terms listed in a term reference form element or in a views exposed filter.
The current version supports select, checkbox/radio and autocomplete widgets for term reference fields.

Have full control over the default mails sent by Drupal out of the box.
This small module extends original Drupal account settings page with the ability to globally turn ON/OFF all standard mails.