02 Apr 2013

Question: How do I have a views with exposed filters, but by default with empty, run only after the user filled the filter form, or selected something from the filter dropdown?

Maybe you think that this will be a complicated task, but its simpler as with thought, even without coding a single line of code.

29 Mar 2013
Drupal 7 Modals

By default Drupal does not uses modals. However there are contrib modules that let you use modals.
You may want to use Modal Forms module if you only need modals for basic forms like login and register.
This post covers the steps how you can create your own modal. Let's dive in.

28 Feb 2013

These are the slides from a short presentation held on the second Drupal Today.
They contain the basic information on how you can be an active member of the numerous Drupal community by helping others with your feed back or sharing your own work with others.

08 Nov 2012
Feed your site

This is a short presentation of the Feeds module form the very first Drupal Topday held at Tg. Mures.

05 May 2012

This event is targeted at the business side of Drupal.