29 Jun 2013

We attended a local meetup, here in Targu Mures and talked about about Drupal.
This was an introduction to Drupal.

You can check out the slides below.

28 May 2013

LED - Lookup, Explore, Discover. Learn how to see if a query is not performing, use EXPLAIN frequently, make use of indexes. Discover a new world, NoSQL engines.

22 May 2013

The second part of the PHP presentation was about Coding Style, Performance, Sanitize and many other interesting features of PHP.
The next presentation is about databases, meet you there!

13 May 2013

I'm sorry You missed my presentation. In case You want to prepare for the next PHP presentation, take a look at the slides.

02 May 2013

This is an introduction about what you can do with Javascript (JS).